How To Earn Money in India |26 Unique Ways to Make Money(2021)

How To Earn Money in India |26 Unique Ways to Make Money(2021)

How To Earn Money in India

Are you looking for different ways of how to earn money in India?

Do you want to generate passive income or want to start an online business? or so you have a question like how to earn money from mobile without investment?

I have got you covered.

Today i am going to give you different ways to earn money ideas both online and offline.

Almost all of these methods are absolutely free and require zero investment(some requires a small initial investment).

I have divided this article into two parts:

  • Ways to earn money online in India
  • Ways to earn money offline in India

You can jump to any particular topic by clicking the link in the below table.

Ready to start making money?So let’s get going…

How to Earn Money Online in India

1. Youtube

Youtube Is Growing Fast Right Now, Youtubers(Who Make Youtube Videos) Are Earning Crores from It(Technical Guruji, Flyingbeast, Beerbiceps, Bhuvanbam, Nisha Madhulika, Sejal Kumar).

After jio we got so much data to use for a day and youtube is best for entertainment and learning. That’s why youtube is the best way to earn money in India right now!

So you’re thinking that how to earn money from youtube? right?

You can start making youtube videos as per your skills. Find some exciting topics and make videos in interesting ways. You have to be consistent in making videos.

It’s hard to get views and subscribers in beginning but if you keep making helpful content for your audience, I’m sure that success will definitely come your way.

Once you get some traction you should interact with your audience.Start a live stream and answer your audience’s questions.It will help you to create your true fan base.

There are four ways to make money from youtube:

  • Google Adsense
  • affiliate links
  • brand sponsorships
  • sell your merchandise (products)

Requirements: Camera(mobile or DSLR), video editing software and internet

2. Blogging

Blogging is another best way to earn money in India, we have so many bloggers who are creating wealth for them. (Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal, Shradha Sharma).

For starting a blog you need to find a niche of expertise and start writing posts. Blogging is not something that you start today and expect money from tomorrow.It requires time and work.

There are three ways to make money with blogging:

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate links
  3. Sell your Courses and Products

Requirements: Domain, Hosting, Computer/Mobile.

3. Content Writing

The need for good content is ever-increasing. You need to seek out information associated with a subject (research) and construct a sensible narrative around it. Engagingly presenting this content to readers is the primary focus of content writing.

It includes taking inputs from different sources, incorporating the most searched keywords, and getting the readers and search engines to value the content presented. Content writing is an important function of content marketing.

Every business within the process of promoting itself has content needs so your growth will be astronomically high.

So in simple words, you earn money to write an article for someone else.

You Can Learn More about Content Writing From Here.

Find Content Writing Jobs on Naukri, Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, Indeed.

Requirements: Excellent Writing Skills, Storytelling Strengths

 4. Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you promote someone’s products(like amazon, Flipkart) on your website, social media, Facebook groups, online forums and write product reviews on LinkedIn, quora & medium and encourage your viewers to buy from your link. If they buy something from your link you get a commission. It’s as simple as that.

Affiliate Networks You Can Join- Amazon, Flipkart, VCommission,

If you know how digital marketing works but think it’s too much trouble to sell something of your own, sell other people’s stuff! It’s really that simple. employ your marketing wisdom to generate sales for say, Amazon or Flipkart, and take payment for your efforts.

Mind you, you only make money when purchases happen, so be warned of the terms and conditions of the affiliate network/channel you’ve decided to join.

It can be as simple as launching a blog that promotes products of your choice. This requires you to have an eye for detail as to which products are good and likely to catch on in popularity. When you have enough followers that you can simply redirect, you’re better off building an entire website. Either way, you need high-quality content on it to keep visitors informed.

You can teach yourself affiliate marketing without attending a course in person. There are many free and paid Online resources to get started. Smart marketers can scale up from a few clients to a large number with a few tweaks.

Requirements: A Blog or a Website with Good Traffic, Good Social Media Presence.

Want to Save Tax on Your Salary? Check out this article.

5. SEO Consultant

The web has taken over our lives, but there is a way to streamline the content we’re exposed to and this is carefully shaped through digital marketing. It follows simple logic ‘the foremost relevant content should appear topmost on a search engine’, and it’s the SEO consultant who makes that happen.

Any and every one business lately hire SEO consultants to create their web pages web-friendly, user-friendly and attractive. SEO convinces users to require social action, whether it’s joining a membership or buying something. Learning these steps are straightforward provided you’re curious about detailed work and are quick to learn.

SEO evolves over and over, and major changes come quite regularly and an SEO consultant has to stay current on all these developments. You can start teaching SEO or hire Employees to Manage more clients. Small businesses and solopreneurs will appreciate your services and you still don’t need an office.

Requirements: Knowledge in SEO, Portfolio

6. Social Media Consultant

Whether a business is regional or wide in scope, a business owner will want to market it online in addition to offline marketing. This is necessary because it’s the trendiest marketing channel that has the best penetration with youth and young adults. If this age bracket is a part of the target demographic, then the business owner will benefit greatly by contacting freelancers or workers such as you who offers social media consulting services.

Social media marketing encompasses the posts made for a slew of platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and so on. Each of those has slightly different guidelines for how to make the most from the platform. You can teach businesses the way to do that or do their marketing for them.

Social media marketing must be done consistently and repeatedly to get fruitful results. You Can Scaleup this business by getting familiar with the platforms and their posting guidelines and earn a good amount of money Online.

Requirements: Excellent Social Media Marketing Knowledge, Good Communication Skills

7. Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is the blue-eyed baby of the present advertising world. Brand’s promotion is incomplete without a digital campaign. Digital marketing includes all the areas that get peoples attention online. Social media, video sharing platforms, blogs, websites etc, all of those are all mediums of digital marketing.

A basic understanding of marketing principles is a must, to which you’ll apply the technicalities of digital marketing. Constant upgradation of skills in this area is required as new platforms and online spaces are created every day and the popular ones keep changing their structures.

Once you’re able to deliver effective results you’ll find your client list growing. Post which you’ll be able to invest on a website and showcase your portfolio and client roster for greater success.

Requirements: Digital Marketing Expertise, In-depth Industry Knowledge for Marketing Strategies

8. Podcasting

A podcast is an audio show that is hosted by an individual or a business or a brand. The structure of a podcast can be in any format but the common one is the interview format. Podcasting is taking off as people tends to listen about any topic than reading. In a podcast episode, we can talk about any recent news or any topic by going in-depth.

If you are an expert in any special industry or niche and if like to have exciting discussions and ask important questions, you should proceed and start your personal podcast. Starting a podcast is comparatively cheap and rather straightforward.

A good microphone and headphones are essential because the content is solely in the audio form. You can host the podcast on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Anchor.

A lot of businesses and brands are allocating their ad budgets towards Podcasts. Advertising is an excellent way to make your podcast profitable. You can partner with brands that appeal to your audience. There is a tremendous opportunity in the podcasting space and one should not miss out. So Jumping into this podcasting trend Can earn you decent money.

Requirements: A Good Microphone and Headphones, Recording and Editing Software, A Podcast Hosting Account

9. Sell Online Courses

This is a great option for people who possess the need to help others understand concepts. Studying through online tutorials at one’s own pace is all the rage now. Students, professionals, business people, retired people – everybody takes classes online on a spread of topics.

If you’ve got authority on a subject and wish to spread knowledge, you can register as an educator on any of the online teaching portals like Udemy and Skillshare, or you can host it on your own with platforms like Teachable.

In some cases, you can make up your own course materials, conduct tests, and guide students towards standardised certification. This will provide a lot of satisfaction besides also filling up your productive hours with great stories.

You get to stay flexible, and also teach as per how busy you are. Getting your first few students should be your first goal, and your popularity can spread from that stage. it is essential to build healthy relations with your students.

Host regular discussions and actively involve them in the learning process. This will surely help you build a loyal community. An online course is a Way to create for Once And Keep Earning Money Afterwords.

Requirements: Computer with Webcam and Mic, Editing Software

10. Dropshipping

With a laptop or desktop, an internet connection, you get access to a global marketplace.

Dropshipping is a viable business model to start an e-commerce business from anywhere. You do not need to stock anything, as your role involves getting the product shipped from the retailer to the consumer directly. All you need is an e-commerce website Or use a platform like Shopify.

Choose your product categories on what you think has great potential. You have to do some research about that. The dropshipping business can operate in any product categories, including garments, toys, accessories and electronics. also, there is a good amount of competition in this business.

To get more eyeballs on Your products Set up a blog and write articles about Your products. Create Facebook and Instagram pages, and regularly post engaging content. You can additionally run ads on social media.

Amazon FBA is also one kind of Dropshipping business but instead of creating our own website, we use Amazon to sell Products.

Irrespective of which path you take, with the right marketing strategy, all of them can be profitable.

Requirements: E-commerce Website, Company and Tax Registrations as per Law

11. Start a Startup

If you have any idea that you think solves some real-world problem then you can start a startup around that idea. You need to do in-depth research and analysis of the problem and solution you are providing like is it something that truly solves a big problem.

What will be the market size? How much capital you will require to start it up.

After figuring out everything you should focus on creating an MVP(Minimum viable product).it will help you to do more customer research.

The entire process of starting a startup, hiring a team, marketing, selling the product is very exciting.

OYO, Byju’s, PayTM are examples of Great Startups That are earning huge amount of money.

Requirements: Problem Solving Idea

12. Stock Market

You can earn money online by Investing In stocks if you know how to pick the right stock.

Take note that you can also lose money in the stock market so better to start with less money and invest more time in learning the basics of the stock market.

You can not expect to earn money in a short time in the stock market. It takes time to grow your investment but in the long run, it’s worth it if you have chosen the right stocks.

Requirements: Knowledge about the Stock Market.

13. Graphic Designers

If you are good at creating logos or know how to create Graphics then you can use this skill to make money. There are many Brands, Businesses that are looking for graphic designers to assist them with their logos and graphics for their website, Advertisements and infographics.

You have to create a portfolio to showcase your work to your clients.

Requirements: Knowledge of Graphic Design Software.

14. Video Editing

Aesthetic sense and tech skills combine in this area to produce a vision that’s both appealing and technically sound. Video editing is easy if you are computer-literate. It calls for patience to adjust frames. You can go a step further and curate content that suits your client’s requirements too.

Video editing requires you to be dynamic and patient without personal judgment clouding your work. The scope of the work is wide-ranging because every business now maintains a social media page and uses videos to attract user engagement across platforms. Editing services are in high demand and there’s a good chance you can set up a long-term collaboration if you keep your skills updated.

You can start freelancing and build enough of a customer base to earn a living. It is possible to extend the business by offering other multimedia services for text, audio and pictures. All of this can be done from your desk with no need for an office.

The best way to promote yourself is to keep making videos and post them on video platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok.

Requirements: Editing Software, Computer

15. Voice Over

Documentaries, podcasts, movies, short films, and even advertisements need a voice artist to state, explain, and interpret on-screen content. The best audio and video feeds together add up in any media. To an audience focused on visual aids, the importance of an honest background score and narrative isn’t felt until it isn’t there.

When the medium is radio, announcers or jockeys can make a tidy packet by using tone and voice appropriately. They can even act with their voices and make listeners feel present within the moment.

If you have a malleable, versatile voice, good diction and pronunciation, and can depict expressions through your voice, you should offer a voice-over service. For this, you need a portfolio of recordings created around different scenarios. If you have training in vocal music, let one of your pieces showcase that.

Voice culture are some things you’ll develop as you practice more. It is important not to overdo this. Once you can mould your voice according to your assignments, you can scale up with ease.

Requirements: Audio Equipment, Good Voice and Interest in Storytelling

16. Photography

Social media has made photography a part of our daily life. However, when it comes to capturing special moments, events or creating content, people prefer professionals. There is high competition in this field, so you need to identify a niche to create a profitable business.

Stock photography, relevant businesses and brands, blogs and aggregators will be your clients. Creating a website and your portfolio is extremely important as your work will speak for itself. Social media presence can also help in collaborating with social media personalities who operate in your niche to get the word about.

There is a scope to build your unique style or trademark so you can be known for that in your niche segment, which could give your business a prominent boost.

Requirements: Basic Equipment

17. Virtual Assistant

This is a job you’ll find appearing everywhere. The role you perform can range from sending out emails, scheduling events, and catering to all the professional needs of busy business people, leaders and public figures. You will be their first point of contact in the virtual space, and in some cases, their spokesperson. For this reason, good communication skills, presence of mind, and attention to detail help at this job.

You often need to compile reports. Your role free up time for busy workers who do not wish to get tied up with repetitive tasks administrative work. Your role may involve invoicing, cross-checking details, making travel arrangements and sometimes personal tasks too. Expect to get on board with the job immediately as you get trained and learn on the job.

Virtual assistants are often involved in content creation that demands subject-matter research, fact checks, finding images and collating all of it into a finished piece. The key is in promoting your services relentlessly. This will help you get fresh clients. Plan and schedule them during your day (or night). Be honest about your availability and you can scale this up to full-time hours!

Requirements: Communication Skill, Language

18. Become a Consultant

Consulting can be for just about any skill or area of expertise that you’re ready to offer for a fee to those who need it. From building an app to getting a design for a studio, customers can get anything done on a consulting platform.

Since your services are mostly a product of your mind and presence (physical or virtual), you needn’t go through the additional expense of having an office.

In these times, your web and social media presence speak the most about you. You can offer your consulting services through your website, by sending out cold emails or messages through any of the social media channels and networking sites, or by cold- calling too.

Being articulate and expressive can help you build your personal brand. You will promote your services online for the most part, and a significant part of your earnings as well energies goes into advertising your services. To scale up, add more partners, consultants or freelancers to your team as needed. Again, networking counts a lot!

Requirements: Speciality in a Subject, Portfolio

19. Become an Influencer

In recent years social media took over the world by storm. People are spending more time on social media and that creates a great opportunity to make money from this trend.

You need to increase your online following on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Tiktok to start earning money from this. If you have a decent fan following brands will pay you to advertise their products.

You can also promote your own products like Merchandise. You also get opportunities to attend big events like Youtube Fanfest.

Requirements: Excellent Social Media Marketing Knowledge, Good Communication Skills

2.How To Earn Money Offline in India

1. Delivery Driver

As the demand for delivery apps are Growing rapidly, These app Platforms Needs more and more Drivers to deliver the products. it’s a decent way to earn money in India. Zomato/Swiggy and Dunzo are one of these Platforms.

You Can Join these platforms and Deliver their products to customers in your free time and get a good amount of money in return. Most of These apps Pays salary weekly. It is a great way to earn a second income.

Requirements: Vehicle

2. Rent Your Room

If you are someone who has a property with an extra room, or if you would want to host a guest for a day or two or if you have another property like a farmhouse or a holiday home, you can list That on Airbnb and start hosting guests.

Authentic meals, city tours, personal shopping experiences are part of the guest experiences you can offer.

To list on Airbnb, a space to rent out is a must. There are additional fees like hosting fees and guest experience fees that vary from place to place. Make sure you do thorough research before you decide your rental costs.

As an Airbnb host, you have to make sure that your guests are well taken care of. This will lead to good reviews and ratings. And that will bring repeat guests to your property And Earn More money in future.

Requirements: Space to Rent Out, An Airbnb Listing for Space

3. Tiffin Service

Tiffin service is to a hassled office goer what moms are to their kids. everyday saviours! Between hectic schedules and unhealthy fast food choices, the office goer is forever on the lookout for a nutritious and affordable everyday meal option.

The market is saturated with brands offering meal plans and balanced diets, but there is always scope for those giving an authentic taste that reflects their culinary traditions.

Concentrate on quality, word of mouth will get you more customers than anything else. Design easy to execute meal plan choices and list with an aggregator like  Zomato, Swiggy.

Reach out to friends and relatives who enjoy your food to start you off. Once you are comfortable with the process you can scale up your customer base.

Requirements: Basic and Hygienic Cooking Facilities, Packaging Materials, Listing with an Aggregator

4. Cloud Kitchen

With the growing demand for food ordering and delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato, the need for cloud kitchens is at its peak. Cloud kitchens are delivery-only kitchens that Deliver Food to the customer’s home. You can Also this in some remote area where you can get space for cheap and You don’t need to have a dine-in area so it will save the cost of waiters.

Set up your kitchen with aggregators like zomato,swiggy to start getting orders.

You should maintain the quality of food and hygiene to get a good rating and retain customers.

Requirements: Relevant Licenses and Permits, Kitchen equipment, Raw Materials, Skilled Staff

5, Food Truck

The food truck business is one of those segments that are growing like crazy. Although the concept of food trucks has been around for a long time, it’s been gaining a bunch of traction lately.
The entire idea of a food truck is to makes food fun, accessible and interesting.

If you are the one who loves food, loves experimenting with food, and fully enjoys feeding other people, you should look at setting up a food truck.

Basically, a food truck is nothing but a mobile kitchen that’s set up in a vehicle. There are various types of commercial vehicles available in the market. People come to eat at food trucks because it is a fun option for a typical dine-in restaurant. Having a quirky menu and offering a great experience to your customers will set you apart from the rivals.

When you are starting a food truck business, it is recommended to pick a cuisine you are most comfortable with and stick to that—at least in the beginning. For example, A food truck that serves south Indian breakfast items or a food truck that serves only Mexican food.

The location of your food truck plays a vital part in deciding success. Hence, it is important to get that right. In addition to serving the foodies who come to eat at your truck, you can choose to deliver the food within the area by listing with Food delivery apps like swiggy and zomato.

Requirements: Food Truck, Cooking Equipments

Earning Money Is Great But Saving money is also important. As warren buffet said” money saves is money earned”

Tip :
In the online world, there are so many opportunities to earn money and so does scams. So be careful about what you choose.
There is no quick way of earning money except in crime & scams. Stay away from both.

If you are in immediate need of money, then get a personal loan and work hard to pay off the loan as soon as possible.
The only way to get success in life is to learn (a profitable skill) and invest in our knowledge


There are many ways to earn money in India. And none of those ways is going to be easy.

There is no magic spell that just works and there are no shortcuts, you have to work for that, but it is worth it.

So work hard on one of these methods, and once you have cracked it, work on stacking multiple ways to earn money online.

Which One of The Method You Are Going To Try? Let me Know In The Comments.

Do You Know Any Other Way To Earn Money In India? Let The World Know By Commenting it Down.

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