What is Grey Market Premium in IPO

What is Grey Market Premium in IPO

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IPO Stands for Initial public offering. An IPO is a company’s first offering of stock to the public. So we will get information about what is grey market premium in IPO, in this article. 

GMP stands for “Gray Market Premium”.

Trading takes place before official listing on the stock exchange.

It represents the difference between the IPO(initial public offering) issue price and the current market price before the official listing on the stock exchange.

Issue price is the price at which a company’s shares are offered to the public during an IPO.

In the grey market, traders buy and sell stocks based on demand perception of future value.

There are three parties in the grey market – Buyer, Saler, Dealer

Grey market premium is not a legal and unregulated market.

For Example, Company ABC plans to go public and announces an IPO with an issue price of RS—200 per share. In the grey market, investors are willing to pay RS. 230 per share for company ABC’s shares. This RS. 30 difference (RS. 230 – RS. 200) represents the grey market premium.

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Risk Factors of Grey Market Premium:

Lack of regulatory Oversight: 

The absence of regularity oversights in the grey market premium of IPOs raises concerns about price manipulation.


Participants may spread false information or mislead potential investors to influence grey market premiums.

Insider Tradings:

Insider trading leads to unfair advantages and potential fraud.

Benefits of Grey Market Premium:

  • A grey market premium creates an opportunity for early investors to sell at a price higher than the IPO offer price.
  • Provides insights on how well a stock can be received after the IPO is officially listed.
  • A high grey market premium can attract retail investors, as they see the potential for quick profits.
  • The grey market premium helps investors gauge the potential listing price.


Grey market premiums come with risk and are not guaranteed indicators of future stock performance.

Actual performance after stock listing may differ from grey market expectations.

Investors should do thorough research and consider various factors before investing.

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