6 Tips on How to Start & Increase Investment

6 Tips on How to Start & Increase Investment

tips on how to start and increase investment

There are different ways to invest money like PPF, Mutual funds, Recurring Deposit, Gold etc. So today we will know about different ways of investing money.

So let’s start learning it one by one.

Different ways to invest money

Tips on How to Start & Increase Investment:

1. Start investing early

While we are earning, we may want to spend some money but we should make it a habit to save money by doing a little bit every month.

One should start investing as early as possible. So the sooner we do it, the more it will be collected.

There is a saying in Gujarati that – The lake is filled drop by drop.

2. Don’t listen to social media hype

We should not invest by imitating the way people are creating different reels in social media nowadays.

Some people can sometimes misguide us for their benefit.

We should invest only in what we know about. Everyone has different levels of risk-taking ability.

3. Keep track of your money

We should keep track of where we spend our money every month so that we remember where we spend our money. 

By doing this we can know where we are misusing money so that we can save it, invest it, and prevent it from being misused.

4. Don’t use money to show off

We should save money from the income we have and not use it to show off to people.

We should only use the money we can afford and manage.

5. Keep your friendships and investments separate

Friendship and investment should be kept separate when it comes to investment because there are many friends who think of their advantage.

If someone advises us to invest, we should first research it ourselves and only then implement it because money is something that can ruin a relationship.

6. Increase your income every year

You should try to increase your current income every year.

For which We can resort to other means like Freelancing, Passive(Secondary) income, Developing our skills and Starting a side business, etc.


Whatever income we have should be invested and some money should be used to enjoy life.

We should invest money in any way we see fit to brighten our future and fulfill our future.

Earn money, Save money, invest money, and Grow your future.            

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