How to Apply for Credit Card on Card to Card Basis (2023)

How to Apply for Credit Card on Card to Card Basis (2023)

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There are many ways to get a credit card like against Salary, FD, ITR or via pre-approved offers. But the only way to get it without giving any income proof or opening an account with that bank or making FD is by getting it with your existing card via card to card basis.

So today we are going to see that how can you get a new credit card on card to card basis if you have an existing credit card (even if you got it via pre-approved offer or by doing an FD with bank) with a decent credit limit.

What Is Card to Card Basis in Credit Card

If you have an existing credit card from any bank and you want Another Credit Card from the same bank or a different bank then you can get the new card with the help of your existing card without providing your income proof.

For example, you already have an ICICI bank’s credit card and you want an SBI banks credit card then you can just use your ICICI banks card to get an SBI card without giving any income proof.

Benefits of Getting a Credit Card on Card to Card Basis

  • You don’t need to show any income proof
  • If your existing card has higher limits then you can get new premium cards even if you don’t have that much income


If you want to apply for super premium credit card like HDFC Infinia Credit Card then you need to have at least 45 lacks annual income but if your existing card has 8-10 lacks credit limit (as bank increases your credit limit overtime) then you can directly apply for that card without having 45 lacks of income.

Standard Chartered credit card on card to card basis
Image from : Standard Chartered Website

How to Apply for Credit Card on Card to Card Basis

The first thing you will need it that you need to have an existing credit card obviously (secured or unsecured).

Every bank may not give you a credit card on your secured card(FD) but most of them will give you one on basis of an unsecured card.

Another thing is that some bank may ask for your job or business details for verification.

You do not need to have an existing relationship with a new bank to get a credit card.

You should also need a minimum of 30% credit limit available on an existing card while applying for the new card.

You may need to attach a photocopy of the front card details. Some bank even take imprints directly on the application form. (Never share photo or copy of the back of your credit card never…)

You may need to share past statements of your existing credit card. Some banks ask for the last month statement or the last 3 month or 6 month’s statements.

You should have a good CIBIL score or credit score.

You will need to show them your identity proof (aadhaar card, pan card..)

TIP: Keep your international usages off if you are not using it for international payments.(You can turn it off/on instantly via net banking or mobile app)

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Minimum of 21 Years
  • Minimum 30% Credit Limit Availability
  • Timely Payment of Your Old Cards Bill
  • Decent Credit Limit

Even after you are eligible for a card, banks can approve or reject your application based on their internal policies.

Minimum Age of Old Credit Card

Bank NameMinimum Credit LimitAge of Your Credit Card
HDFC Bank₹ 50,0001 Year
ICICI Bank ₹ 60,0001 Year
IndusInd Bank₹ 75,0001 Year
SBI Bank₹ 40,0006 Months
RBL Bank₹ 20,0006 Months
Standard Chartered Bank
*Data Collected from Some Sources (Not Official From Bank)

Note: Only Apply for New Card After 3 Months – 6 Months of Your Old Application.

Where Can I Apply for a Credit Card on Card to Card Basis

There are 3 ways to apply on card to card basis

  1. Via Branch (Recommended)
  2. Any Third Party Agent (Not Recommended)
  3. Via Banks Website Online

If you are applying online via the bank’s website then when you get a call from a bank executive just tell them that you want to apply on the card to card basis.

When your verification will be completed, you will get an application number, you can use that to track your application status.

TIP: If you are applying with a third-party agent then make sure to take a photo of them and their ID card.

Do let me know if you have any question regarding this topic in the comment section or our social media.

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